Our story


We've been on the road around the world all the way from Scandinavia for the greater part of our lives, living and working. We have met people who became friends for life and experienced things most people can only dream of, and we feel very fortunate to have done so. Without any intention we created these digital nomad lives, and you know how people always posts those inspirational quotes "Live a life that you don't need to take a vacation from"? Yeah, somehow, we managed to do exactly that.

Over the years we kept getting the question; "How do you do it, how do you afford it?" Well, it's not always easy, being away from your friends and family for long times, but once you have opened your soul to see, live, breathe and enhance the beauty of a simple lifestyle and the adventures it has to offer  - well it is very, VERY hard to stop. So here we are, with one goal, to inspire and help guide other young women (and men of course) to live a life where you can combine your passion with living your dream life. It is all right there, if you can imagine it you can do it. And we are here to cheer you on!

And oh - the most important part! We have a great passion for beautiful things and sustainable business and lifestyle. Therefore we developed a collaboration with a silversmith from our local village in south Sri Lanka where we’ve spent a lot of time over the past years. Together with him we design and produce a range of our own silver rings with raw material sourced from Sri Lanka. Read more about our production here!

To close the loop of our production and to be able to stand for a zero waste business, we offer you to send back your ring to us if you want to switch it for a new one or if it breaks (which it should not but sometimes life happens). By helping us to close the loop you receive a $10 voucher for your next purchase with us.


Spreading love & light, little by little everyday, we thank you for your support and invite you to join us on the road!