How to keep your silver sparkling;

We like to wear our silver rings 24/7 and rarely take them off (and when we do it still looks like we wear them as our true colour appears as rings on sunburnt hands). Anyway, we did realise that rings could also be referred to as bacteria hoarders and made it a weekly thing to clean them. Here we've decided to share some of our sometimes a bit odd tricks with you:

Ketchup - you heard us. Try squirting a small amount of ketchup on  apapertowl and rub it on your silver. If they don't become shinier let the ketchup sit on the silver for an hour and then rub it of with a cloth and rinse with water. 

Lemon/Lime soda - try putting your silver rings in a glass of lemon and lime soda for an hour. Pick it up and rinse and dry. 

Hot water & baking soda - Get half a litre of water boiling and mix it with one tablespoon of baking soda. Pour the mix into a plastic bowl and put some aluminium foil on the bottom of the bowl. Put your silver rings in the bowl and leave it for about 4 minutes. Pick them up and rinse throughly (this one is our favourite, it doesn´t only make it shiny, it really gets all the dirt off!).

Window cleaner - Spray on a toothbrush or rag and start polishing your silver and see it restore to its original sparkling state. 

Tooth paste - Squeeze a little tooth paste on cloth and polish your silver and watch it shine!

Chalk - yes chalk! Keep some chalk in a box with your silver and it helps to absorb the moist, to keep your rings from tarnishing. 

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