Sustainable Production with Salty Boho

Did you know that each and everyone of our rings are handmade in pure 925 sterling silver in Sri Lanka? Our beloved silversmith helps us turn our dreams in to reality. To us it’s super important to make sure all the steps in our production are kept as sustainable as possible. To be able to support and give back to the local community in our favorite part of Sri Lanka together with our tribe truly is an incredible feeling!

Read about our production and how you can get a $10 voucher at Salty Boho by helping us save the planet below!

Our raw material such as silver and moonstones are sourced out in Sri Lanka. You can read more about how the National Gem and Jewelry Authority in Sri Lanka, the local regulatory body of gem mining follows a philosophy that slow and steady wins the race, and have imposed strict regulations on mechanized gem mining to reduce environmental degradation and permanent damage to gem deposits in Sri Lanka here.

As the silver gets melted down into a liquid it thereafter gets shaped by our silversmith. The ring gets shaped using different tools and a burner, and please do note that this is not made in a form but by HAND. Each and every one of the rings are very similar yet uniquely shaped and formed as it is almost impossible to make them exactly the same by hand, although he does a very good job doing so.  The ring gets its final touch and shine before getting picked up by us and added to the treasure chest at Every ring that you purchase with us, helps us giving back and providing more business for the local community and our silversmith on the magical south coast of the tear shaped island of Sri Lanka!


And here’s the best part;

If you would like to switch your ring for a new Salty Boho ring or if something happens to it and it breaks (this is obviously not our intention but sometimes life happens), just send it back to us!

We will then melt it down and use the silver to create new rings. As a reward for helping us closing our loop in our production and reducing waste in beautiful Mother Nature you will be rewarded with a $10 voucher to use for your next purchase in the Salty Boho store 💫 Easy as that!

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