9 reasons traveling makes you awesome

You know how people always say the magic never happens inside your comfort zone? Well turns out that aint no lie. Nothing makes you grow like meeting new people from different cultures. Nothing makes life as real as arriving to a new country on your own or with friends, having to figure out how to get where or even where to stay for the night. Basically, we are the biggest cheerleaders of selfdevelopment through discovering and traveling. Therefor we have put together a list that will hopefully inspire you to get ut there and find all the learnings that are hidden in the corners of the world! 

Travelling will boost your...

Skill development
You will come across situations where you have the chance to learn new things, or are even forced to do so. Getting new skills is something we as humans thrive on, it makes us proud and gives us a deeper feeling of meaning and belonging. These skills could, for example, be language, map reading, surfing… you name it! If you are keen on learning how to surf, we recommend you to check out these surftowns.

Social skills
You’re gonna meet a LOT of new people and are soon to realise we are all one big loving community, who loves to help and support each other. You will find so much joy in helping someone out with tips of hostels, boat trips, surfspots or cafes - especially when you learn how much you appreciate it yourself coming from others. And hey - since we all share one of our biggest passions with each other - traveling that is, you know you always have topics to break any ice or kickstart a conversation. 

A trip to a culture that is the opposite to yours, meeting people from other backgrounds with a history of events you never knew happened, is a great way of educating yourself. Best thing is, you barely have to try, education will come to you on its own!

After a while, you will notice that situations you feared before never really was as bad as you thought. You’ll realise most things has a solution as long as you keep that positivity going, have an open mind and allow people to help you when in need. And the bonus is, you can bring home all this confidence and carry it with you for the rest of your life.

Most of us live a very stressful life with all the pleasures of what you should be, do and look like. By unwinding and giving your mind and body some time to recover and a sense of freedom can do magic to our health. (We also recommend a Banan Cake now and then :) Have a look at our epic vegan chocolate chip one here )

Creative or not, travelling could give you a chance to find new passions. Visiting new places and embrace new colours, smells, sounds and vibes can open your eyes and mind, bringing heaps of new inspiration for your next painting, writing or hobby project.

It is human to have opinions and views of the world, people, politics and so on. But by bursting the bubble of life as you know it, by getting out and have new conversations, listening to and trying to understand the people you meet, even if they don't share your opinions or ideas of the world, you quickly learn new ways of adapting and become open for new perspectives.

Stress level
Things don’t always go as planned, and while travelling it rarely matters. Usually, we have more time on our hands and a bigger sense of freedom which will make you chill out more and become a little more laid back and actually realise that if you miss this bus there will always be another one. Even if it's in an hour or three days. 

Minimalistic thinking
When you only have one bag that should fit all your belongings, you quickly realise how few things you actually need. We live in a world where we constantly get encouraged to buy more, and getting away from that pressure can do wonders for your "must-have-mind". Give it a break for some time, allow yourself to live with less and when returning home, there is a big change that you'll want to clean out your closet.

Finally, we want to tell you guys that it really doesn't matter how you travel or where, you can always gain a lot from it. It also doesn't matter if you are alone or with someone.  As a solo adventurer, you'll get empowered to manage on your own and you'll quickly realise how easy it is to travel solo. Plus you'll  meet a whole bunch of cool people on your way that might become your new friends for life. While travelling with someone, you'll create new memories together and increase bonds that will last a lifetime. So no matter how you decide to do it, we'll put it like some old sneaker brand with swoosh shaped logo on it learnt us from a young age - JUST DO IT. Happy travels!

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Sofia Parker