Five Female explorers throughout history you should know about:

Sometimes when we read through the history of our human explorers it hits us how very seldom we read about the females adventurers that were out there. So we figured, why don't we make this a monthly thing, learning about some sassy females from the past and of course up and some that will be spoken of in future? Here are the first ones out of a few of the adventurous ladies that that we feel like we've missed out on:

Isabella Bird (1831 - 1904) - Writer, photographer and naturalist that explored America, Hawaii, Iran, Marocco, Tibet, Malaysia, Korea, China and Japan. Read more about her here.

Jean Batten (1909 - 1902) - The first person to fy solo between England and New Zealand. Read more about her here.

Annie Smith Peck (1850-1935) - The woman who climbed Mount Coropuna in Peru and planted a flag saying "Vote for Women" on the summit. Read more about her here.

Octavie Coudreau (1870-1938) - Early explorer of Amazon region in Brasil and French Guiana. Read more about her here.

Juno Tabei (1939-2016) - The first woman to complete "The Seven Summits".  Read more about her here.

Keep an eye at this space for more female entrepreneurs, explorers, artists etc. 

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