Life is either an adventure or nothing at all!

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For some reason I have always thought I would die before I turned 20. This may sound weird and sad, but no, it makes every year and birthday after 20 so much more to celebrate, surviving another year!

And when I look back at the things I have done, the places I have seen and the people I have met during these years, I have no words. I have seen Machu Picchu, climbed the ruins of The Incas, been surfing in Hawaii, fallen in love in Bali, been dancing under the stars in Thailand, worked with yoga in Aruba, dived at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, bungee jumped and skydived in New Zealand, seen wild Orangutang's in Borneo, broke someones nose boxing in Thailand (not on purpose I swear), surfed and road tripped California, lived in London, seen Christ The Redeemer in Brasil, dived in underwater caves in Mexico, survived "The Last Storm" on an island in Malaysia, partied until sunrise on a rooftop in Singapore, watched the sun rise from a mountain on an island in Fiji, paddled on a lake in Guatemala, camped out on the San Blas islands in Panama, been riding horses up a volcano in Nicaragua, snorkelled with sharks in Belize, surfed in Costa Rica, and OH MY GOD, the list goes on and on and on. And can you believe, that after all this, people still keep asking me when I will settle down and start my "real" life. I have no other answer than this; Man, this IS my life, isn't the question really; When will YOU start living?

Life is either an adventure or nothing at all |  Handmade Bohemian Beach Items from Sri Lanka | Salty Boho Boutique |
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