Sustainable Production with Salty Boho

Did you know that each and everyone of our rings are handmade in pure 925 sterling silver in Sri Lanka? Our silversmith helps us turn our dreams in to reality. To us it’s super important to make sure all the steps in our production are kept as sustainable as possible. To be able to support and give back to the local community in our favorite part of Sri Lanka together with our tribe truly is an incredible feeling!

As we source the silver locally from Sri Lanka, our silversmith melts it and shapes each ring into its shape by hand. Let’s go over that step again, we do not have any premade forms like many other factory and big scale productions do, but he actually shapes each and every ring by hand. The moonstone we use for New Moon is hand shaped and has got minimal impact on the environment of Sri Lanka and is one of the main incomes for the country. You can read more about the sustainable Moonstone mines of Sri Lanka here.

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It takes about 1-2 hours for our silversmith to complete a ring, depending on its shape. He is very thorough as the rings gets their last touch and polish and we hope you can feel it as you wear it.

Did you know; if your ring breaks (life happens you know), you can send it back to us and get a $10 voucher on your next order with us. The best part is, we can re-use the silver for new production, and you thereby help us to close the loop on our production and reduce any unnecessary waste. Win - win!

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